Facts about Polyphenols

Beneficial antioxidants

Study confirms

Increased intake of polyphenols prolongs life

Polyphenols are what gives fruits, berries and vegetables its, color, aroma and taste. Common sources are fruit and vegetables, tea, red wine, coffee, chocolate, olives and nuts. Polyphenols have long been known for their recurrent effects. Now, a new Italian study shows that they greatly reduce the risk of dying prematurely. Every third gastric cancer, every third coronary artery disease and every tenth stroke is due to the fact that we eat too little fruit and vegetables, according to the World Health Organization WHO.
 Now we get more reason to eat more fruit and vegetables. According to a recent Italian study published in the Journal of Nutrition, polyphenols significantly reduce the risk of dying prematurely – by counteracting numerous, often chronic, pathological conditions.

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